Military relationships are hard, there’s no doubt about it. Working in the military means criss-crossing the globe, heading into some of the most dangerous spots around, living in terrible conditions, and doing all of it without knowing where you’ll be sent next. And for the spouse of a military officer, things are no easier. Whether you get into military relationships through military dating online or in-person, it’s a big, complicated world of decisions and sacrifices you’ll have to make. This article will discuss what military dating is like, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

The whole time they’re away, the spouse may spend all their time thinking about where their partner is and if they’re ok. They may descend into worry and fear, as well as the pain and loneliness of separation. Getting into military relationships also means following your partner around the world, wherever that may take them. You may have to pack up your life at a moment’s notice, leaving behind friends and work to travel to some country you’ve never heard of.

At the same time, there are some advantages. People in the military are strong, confident, morally centered. They’re disciplined, skilled, and focused. Military dating are people who do what they do because of a commitment to fighting for what’s right, not just for what’s easy.

And they don’t come alone, either. Entering into military relationships means entering into a relationship with the whole military, including a fantastic support network of people in exactly your same situation. Living on a military base means you’re surrounded by people who know what you’re going through and want to be there to help.

Just remember, for those times when you are together, make the most of it. Your partner may have gone through some difficult stuff while they were away – crawling through pits of mud, sleeping on hard cots, living every day in harm’s way. As you can imagine, they might be a bit testy, a bit easy to fly off the handle. And sure, you might be the same way, having just gone through the stress and difficulty of not knowing where they were or if they were safe. This is why it’s so important to treasure the time you have together. Military relationships are full of tough choices, but that quality time you spend with your loved one can make it all worth it.

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